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Flea Market Finds For 8-29-14

Ok, was at the flea market this morning for just a little over an hour. Really hot here in Fl. now so pickin is slim cause not many vendors. However, still able to come away with over $100 just like I preach about every week.

So here are my flea market finds for this Sat.

flea pic 4

flea pic 8-29

2) Vicks Vaporizer: Bought for $2.00. Will sell for $19.98. Profit after fees & cost: $12.50 x 2=$25.00
Nature Cure Acne: Bought for $2.oo. Will sell for $11.87. Profit after fees & cost: $5.50
Tennis Elbow: Bought for $2.00. Will sell for $12.98. Profit after fees and cost: $6.00
Feosol: Bought for $2.00. Will sell for $30.84. Profit after fees and cost:$24.00
Osteo Bi-Flex: Bought for $2.00. Will sell for $12.99. Profit after fees & cost: $9.00
Allergy Medicine Case: Bought for $2.00. Will sell for $17.97. Profit after fees and cost. $12.00

So for first batch total profit is around 95.00

flea pic 8-29-2

Now for second batch: I paid $2.00 for each item:
Lutein: Will sell for $30.97. Profit $23.00
Olive Leaf: Will sell for $12.00. Profit $8.00
4) Vitamin B12: Will sell for $12.00 Profit $8.00 x 4=$32.00
Lycopene: Will sell for $14.89. Profit $10.00

Total profit for second batch: $73.00

Total profit will be $168.00 for the morning. So even though there weren't very many vendors I was still able to make my $100 an hr.

How do I know what to buy, how do I know how fast it will sell and what my profit will be before I buy anything? Go read this cheap Amazon book. Click Here:




How Easy Is It To Make $100 Dollars an Hour At the Flea Markets?

I go to the flea market every Saturday morning. I get there about 7 am and by 8-8:30 I make one to five hundred dollars.

The good times are between October and April when the northerners are here and selling their goods. They usually leave in April and things aren't quiet as lively in the summer with the heat.

However, I will show you what I bought this past Saturday to put a few shekels in my pocket.


Blog picflea


With what I do I only need to scan the barcode to decide if I want to buy this item to resale on Amazon or Ebay. The 3 items I am showing you today will all be sold on Amazon. First ups is Skylanders Giants Crusher. Now I have no idea what this is about nor do I care except to see if there is a profit here.

I picked this up for $3.00. It has a sales rank of 794 with 1 being the best possible number there is. These things are flying off the shelf at Amazon. I will sell it for $25 with no problem and after fees will net about $18.00. Subtract the $3.00 I paid and I profit $15.00. Pretty good ROI isn't it?




Next I ran across some Depends. Now these have a rank of 65K. Not the Blogpicflea2greatest sales rank but they will sell without a doubt. The vendor was asking $7.00 but I politely asked if I took as many as possible that were in good condition would he take $5.oo and he agreed. Unfortunately for me he only had 4 in good condition. The rest were torn or stained.

So I got 4 for $20.00. They sell for $30.81 each so figure $120.00 and after fees I will net $72.00. Subtract the $20.00 I paid  and I make about $50.00. So now I have made about $65.00 with just 2 items.




flea market merchandiseLast thing I will show you is baby formula. Similac in the tubs. I bought 6 of these. The dealer was asking for $10.00 a tub. I politely asked if I took them all would she give me a better price? She said she would take $50.00 to which I replied "I was hoping for $45.00." She offered to split the difference so I gladly paid $47.50. I will sell them in a six pack for $149.97 with a sales rank of 680. This will sell probably before it hits the shelves. After fees the net is $118. Now subtract the $47.50 I paid and I get about a $70.00 profit.


So there you have it. $135.00 profit with just three items in way less than an hour. I went on to buy about four other items and added another hundred profit for the morning. This is one of my easiest money making streams. Not my best by any means but still makes me thousands a month with very little time involved.


I hope you are adding income streams to your business. If I can be of help just let me know.


Wayne O. Stanila
Flea Market Secrets Exposed
Flea Market Gold






Week-End Finds For Resale


Just an update on my finds last Saturday.

I found quiet a few items with a real good ROI.

I have the items boxed up and ready for UPS to pick up.

Sorry the picture isn't better but will tell you about 2 of the items in the pic.

The long pink box is some sort of Barbie makeup kit. Retails for around $35 and I got it for $2.

See the other box in the right hand corner? Its a hair color for men with gray hair. You comb out as much or little as you want. I bought it for $2 and it sells for over $40.

So there are just two items that will bring me some really good profits. I got a lot more items than this but like to share a couple of finds so you can see what is selling.



P. S. I plan to post some more items from this week over HERE .




Finding Merchandise To Resale On Amazon

flea market merchandise for resale


One of my favorite places to find items to resale on amazon is the flea market ( no secret right ) and last weekend was no different. One of the reasons I like scouting merchandise at the markets is because you will find deals with multiple items.

Here is a good find I recently ran across. I have had a lot of luck with vitamins and oils. This past weekend I found 36 bottles of AstroGlide and 2 bottles of Synergy. The vendor was asking $1.50 a bottle and I asked him him if he would take $50 for all of them and he agreed.

Now the Astroglide is selling for over $10 a bottle with a terrific sales rank of 223 which means they are pretty much flying out the window. I will net about $5  a bottle on the Astroglide. The Synergy is selling for $15 a bottle with a rank of 200 K so they will take longer to sell but I will sell them for $11 a bottle and move them quickly.

So this one buy will make me around two hundred dollars. That's the kind of deal I like. Not running from store to store scanning and getting one or two of something. That is another reason I am going into buying wholesale. I want to ramp things up on Amazon this year. Even though it isn't my main income stream maybe it could become my main one or get close anyway.

Wholesale is fascinating to me. The margins are smaller but you can make up for that in volume. You also can judge your sales after you get a track record and you don't have to worry about constantly being on the hunt for new product even though it is pretty much everywhere.

So I will write about my journey into the wholesale world and see how it goes, good, bad and the ugly.

Until Next Time,













































Flea Market Finds To Resale On Amazon



Ok, wanted to show some of my flea market finds for resale from last weekend.

These are some vitamins that I paid $2.50 a bottle. They have a 11 k sales rank which is real good. They will sale for $10.25 each and after fees and what I paid I will clear about $4.00 a bottle.  I bought 8 as that was all the vendor had with long expiration dates. So I make $30 bucks. Should sell quick with that sales rank








Next is a scrubbing bubble automatic shower cleaner. I picked it up for $5.00. Now Amazon is selling it for $17 so I will sit back and wait for them to sell out. Shouldn't take long as the sales rank is 3 k in personal and health category. I will price mine at $25 if I am the only FBA seller and should make  about $10/ 200% ROI.









Here is a new game. I think there are 6 games inside. Not sure how much my assistant priced it but will find out and update post.



So those are just a few items to give you some ideas for things to resale on Amazon.

The thing I like about sourcing at the flea markets is most of the time what you find won't have a lot of competition.








Had a new cover made for "Flea Market Gold".  If you don't have a copy yet and want to read about how I go about sourcing products at the flea market  just click on the book.

All right everybody,  have a great weekend.....



Flea Market Finds For Resale

Flea Market Finds

Here are a couple of flea market finds I got on Saturday.

I had no idea what they were when I scanned them but turns out they are decals for bikes and motorcycles.

I got these for a $1 each. They sell for $27 each and there are no FBA sellers so I will up the price to $29. These are the kind of returns you can find sourcing products to resale on Amazon at the flea markets.


The duracell package is some type of iphone cable. Again I don't have a clue but its not important. What is important is I bought it for $2 and i can sell it for $20.

Next is a Dr. Scholls product. I have had a lot of luck with these type of products. There are no FBA sellers for this one so I can price it at $9.97. It only cost me a dollar.

Being the only FBA seller is a huge advantage when it comes to selling on Amazon.

So there are just three examples of items that will retail for about $88 and only cost me $5. I picked several more things but just wanted to show you what you can do at the flea markets.

I hope you will get out there and scoop up some deals to resale for yourself.

Until Next Time,

Wayne Stanila





Flea Market Gold



Ok, the new book "Flea Market Gold" is available. You can get it here:


It is all about how I source products at the flea market and resale them on Amazon.

As I talk about in the book Christmas sales on Amazon is a wild ride. Items fly off the shelves like nothing I have ever seen before. Also the price doesn't seem to matter to the shoppers.

I love selling on Amazon all year long. If you want to find out how to make money by going to the flea markets without setting up or selling anything then this book is for you.

Its just one way I leverage the flea market. Inside the book I talk about how you can find out another way I leverage the flea market with six figure sales each year for the past four years.

At $8.97 it is a steal...



Flea Market Business The Easy Way


Flea Market Business:

Do you want to start a flea market business? How about using the flea markets as a source for finding profitable items to resale on line?

After selling at the flea markets for 24 years learning how to leverage the flea market has come about in several different ways.

Heading out every Saturday and finding things at flea market to sell on Amazon and Ebay has become a ritual.

It's like walking around finding five, ten, twenty and fifty dollar bills. Sometimes you even find hundreds.

Here are a few items I found this past week end at the market.

First up is a Pedi Paws. Sold several of these in the past and the price is coming down a little bit. Used to get around $15 for it  but will sell it for $10.97. Only paid a dollar for it so several hundred percent ROI.

Next is a ceramic cup mug. Titled 'Cup of Friendship' paid $2 for and it will sell for $25.00. Right now there are no FBA sellers so can probably get $29.97. When there are no FBA sellers you have a huge advantage in getting a quick sale and a higher price than a regular merchant.

Last one is a new dvd, bought for a dollar. Title is 'Johnson County War'. There are regular merchant sellers who are selling this for $35.00 and FBA sellers who have it listed for $52.00.

Will gladly sell mine for $39.97 and it should sell fast as the sales rank is only 16K.

OK, lets add it up. My spend was $4.oo. My retail sales will be around $80.00. So how is that for a nice return on investment with just three things? This happens every week end and there are a lot more than just three items bought for my business.

So you see this is a very easy and low cost way to start a flea market business. All you need is a way to find out how to pick the right things to resale to make hundreds of dollars.

This isn't theory, I do this every week. Sourcing products for resale at a lot of different places. I like to call them fishing holes.

Just updating my finds for now.

If you are thinking about starting a flea market business or online business this is a great opportunity.

Have a great week.

Until next Time,

Wayne Stanila



Flea Market Merchandise Secrets For Great Profits

Successful sellers use these flea market secrets to make really good  profits and turn their weekend sales activity into a lot of cash. If you want to start and build your own small business you should incorporate these ideas.

Before you start your own flea market business make sure you have all necessary business licenses and resale permits required to be legal. Find out how your sales tax works. If you want to make real money at the flea market you should treat it as a business. You can make a full time income selling flea market products on weekends.

Various flea markets focus on different types of products. Study and test them out to find what sells best. What will sell in one market will not sell at another one. Find out if you should you focus on high end items such as electronics or cheap used clothing, antiques, collectors, etc. Whatever product you choose you need to find a stable and inexpensive source. Research wholesale suppliers and liquidators of overstock merchandise and returns.

Flea market business owners expect to haggle when they sell. Bargaining the correct way is one of the top flea market secrets. Always price your items for more than you want so you will have room to come down and make the customer feel like they got a great deal.

Set your tables up the right way.  Keep everything neat and organized so your customer can see everything on display. Use a draw item to place front and center to catch the shoppers eye and move them in your direction. You have to get them to your tables to be able to sell them something.

Always provide good customer service. Be friendly, have the correct change and offer bags for purchased merchandise. You can build a repeat business and that is where you will begin to make your money for the long term.


Starting A Flea Market Business Can Set You Free

Have you ever grown tired of working for someone else and thought about starting your own flea market business and working for yourself? Many people have, but give up because they think it is complicated or expensive.

Are you one of those who is about to give up making money on your own because you can't get your hands on the start up financing you need or because you do not have the skills or training to run your own business? Here is some good news: flea markets and swap meets may hold the answer for you.

There are many advantages to selling at flea markets and swap meets. The good news for those who are unable to leave their full time jobs is that you can keep your day job while you start up your business on the weekend. Flea markets and swap meets are mostly weekend events. Many vendors started small and put most or all of the profits back into their new business by purchasing additional merchandise and let it build to the point where they earn more than their full-time jobs during the week.

When your profits start getting big enough you can have fun telling your boss what he can do with that job. You have plenty of time to increase your earnings to a point that you can make it  before taking the plunge. You can continue to make full time income working only weekends, after you have freed yourself, or you can choose to continue working while supplementing your income over the weekend. It is more than possible to double your income.

There are only a few things you need to start your business as a flea market vendor. First and foremost the need for a flea market vendor is merchandise to sell. How much money do you have to buy flea market merchandise? If you can make a bit of investment, it is fantastic way to free yourself to becoming your own boss.

If you do not have the money, you can start by selling items you already have in your house or can get for free from the "free" ads around the internet or in your local newspaper. You can then use the proceeds from this to start buying merchandise from other sources for your business. As your profits grow, so will your inventory and you will find more and more resources along the way.

You need a place to store your merchandise during the week when you're not selling. Do you have a garage or shed? What about an unused space or a closet? How much space you need will be determined by what line of products you choose to sell and how much of it you need to keep stocked. Will you be able to store large items or do you need to pursue a line of smaller items? You may have a lot of space to store your items when you sell locally but if you decide to travel to the events you will need to be able to haul them.

You need a way to transport their goods. If you have limited space you would need to stock fewer items to begin with. Jewelry takes very little space. You may already have a trailer that will fit a lot of stock and will be suitable for the storage of goods for road travel. Consider your transportation before purchasing merchandise which will be a problem to get transport back and forth.

As your business and profit grows, you will be able to afford more accommodating transportation and storage of your merchandise. Most suppliers own large cargo vans and pull closed trailers. They not only have merchandise, but also  tables, racks, displays and etc.

Once you get to a flea market you need a place to show your wares. It can vary from a simple folding table and chairs to glass cases and racks. Just as with your merchandise, you can you start with what you already have available and work your way up . As your business grows, and you gain experience you will learn what types of products draw the best crowds and sales. Remember---you don't have to spend a lot of cash to start. Give yourself time to learn the ropes.

Apart from your merchandise, your only other expense will be space rental and a permit but they are quite reasonable. You must pay for your booth rental. How much you will pay will vary slightly from market to market. You can expect to spend a very low end of $ 5.00 a day up to $ 50.00 for a spot.

Many people work without a license but if you want to be in business you really should get a sate resale license (tax permission). Uncle Sam wants his cut, which is the sales tax on the items you are selling. When you sell something the state wants you to also collect sales tax from the customer and then send it to the them once every three months.

The price varies from state to state. It can be as little as $ 12.00 per year and they hand you the authorization within minutes after filling out the papers. Some states will e-mail authorization to you and it can take up to six weeks. Certain states require a refundable deposit but that it is the exception rather than the rule. To find out what your state requirements are you must contact the State Taxation Bureau/Department of Revenue.

Many flea markets do not require you to have your own tax ID and will allow you to sell using theirs and you give tax money to them at the end of each day and they send it to the State.

Starting and operating your own successful flea market business or swap meet enterprise is pretty cheap and not complicated but don't let the simplicity fool you into thinking there is no money in it. Many of the people you see selling their wares at flea markets and swap meets make more money than a lot of people working 40 hours a week.

So if you ever dreamed about setting yourself free it can happen with a flea market business.