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Flea Market Business The Easy Way


Flea Market Business:

Do you want to start a flea market business? How about using the flea markets as a source for finding profitable items to resale on line?

After selling at the flea markets for 24 years learning how to leverage the flea market has come about in several different ways.

Heading out every Saturday and finding things at flea market to sell on Amazon and Ebay has become a ritual.

It's like walking around finding five, ten, twenty and fifty dollar bills. Sometimes you even find hundreds.

Here are a few items I found this past week end at the market.

First up is a Pedi Paws. Sold several of these in the past and the price is coming down a little bit. Used to get around $15 for it  but will sell it for $10.97. Only paid a dollar for it so several hundred percent ROI.

Next is a ceramic cup mug. Titled 'Cup of Friendship' paid $2 for and it will sell for $25.00. Right now there are no FBA sellers so can probably get $29.97. When there are no FBA sellers you have a huge advantage in getting a quick sale and a higher price than a regular merchant.

Last one is a new dvd, bought for a dollar. Title is 'Johnson County War'. There are regular merchant sellers who are selling this for $35.00 and FBA sellers who have it listed for $52.00.

Will gladly sell mine for $39.97 and it should sell fast as the sales rank is only 16K.

OK, lets add it up. My spend was $4.oo. My retail sales will be around $80.00. So how is that for a nice return on investment with just three things? This happens every week end and there are a lot more than just three items bought for my business.

So you see this is a very easy and low cost way to start a flea market business. All you need is a way to find out how to pick the right things to resale to make hundreds of dollars.

This isn't theory, I do this every week. Sourcing products for resale at a lot of different places. I like to call them fishing holes.

Just updating my finds for now.

If you are thinking about starting a flea market business or online business this is a great opportunity.

Have a great week.

Until next Time,

Wayne Stanila


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