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Flea Market Merchandise

Hello everyone, Wayne here and thank-you for stopping by. If you want to find flea market merchandise that always sells and makes really good profits then you have landed in the right place.

I have operated a flea market business for 24 years.I have seen them come and go over that period of time and if you want to succeed in this business you better know how to choose which flea market items to sell. There is more to it than that but if you get that wrong you are pretty much doomed right from the get go. Get it right and you are way ahead of the game. You can read more here>flea market merchandise

When I first started out I used to go to an auction each day. I really like music and I would buy the old vinyl records in bulk really cheap. I usually paid a nickel or a dime on average for them. Now keep in mind our market is totally outdoors. I would lug them out (in the boxes they are heavy) to the flea market and sell them for a couple of dollars each.

Being a newbie flea market vendor I had no idea what records were worth and the vendors who knew the value of the records cherry picked me real good. So that was my initiation into the flea market business.

I soon tired of dragging those heavy records back and forth. After checking the market out there was only one other vendor selling used music cassette tapes(Im dating myself now) so I decided to give that a try. I made friends with the people at the auction and made a deal to buy the tapes for a quarter a piece. I sold tapes for two dollars a piece or three for five dollars. I had thousands of tapes and business was real good.

Well, that lasted for a couple of years and then guess what? Along came something called a cd. Before everyone switched to cd's I saw the writing on the wall and dumped all those cassette tapes. I tried to sell cd's but all the other vendors had the same idea.

After that I tried to sell other flea market merchandise like jeans and video games but had no success.

Then it happened. I found something that really clicked and I have been selling it ever since. It cost me $45.00 and I retail it out for around $375.00. Click here if you want to read more.

Now I had a good flea market business and then I started dating my future wife who had been a flea market vendor for about ten years. Long story short we married, combined the businesses and then together we had a really great business.

We couldn't believe how we could go out Saturday and Sunday for five or six hours each day and pull in $1,200.00 to $1,500.00 for the two days with roughly 65% of that being pure profit. She no longer goes out with me but she still does the buying for the flea market items I sell.

There really are a few secrets you need to know if you want to succeed and have longevity in this business. If you want to find out how you can get the exact flea market merchandise that I sell and have a step by step plan laid out for you to succeed with your very own flea market business just click>>Flea Market Secrets Exposed right now.

Be sure to scroll down for other up to date posts I have written that will help you with making money at the flea markets.

I have a new book out showing you how I have pulled thousands  out of the flea market for the last 2 and 1/2 years without setting up or selling anything. Its called 'Flea Market Gold'. Read my post on 12-16-13.


Wayne O. Stanila


Today At The Flea Market

Hey Everyone,

Ok, a short post showing what I found that will make me a quick $100.00. I found more items than these two that will make me $400.00 for the one hour I was there but I want to continue showing how easy it is to make $100.00.

Would an extra $400.00 a month make a difference each month to you. $400.00 a month makes my car payment so I can drive a nice car. Makes a difference to me. You can make much, much more just like I do but I will continue showing you items I find each week.

Blog Dexatrim Today At The Flea Market


First up will be Dexatrim Max. Looks like a product that promises to get rid of fat. A lot of people buy this product. Nice sales rank of 25K and sells for $38.00. I found three of these and paid five dollars for all three. After Amazon fees and what I paid I will net $28.00 a bottle. So $84.00 is my total profit.



Blog Protec Today At The Flea Market


Next I ran across three Protec filters of some sort. Got the three of these for $5.00 as well. I can sell one by itself and sell the other two as a 2 pack. The 2 pack sells for $29.99. Nice sales rank of 8K. Will sell really fast and my net after Amazon fees and what I paid will be $19.00. The one by itself sells for $10.00 and will net $5.00. So total of $24.00.



So there you have just two products that will make a profit of $108.00. Selling on Amazon is a great way to make money. If you have an interest in learning how to make money online drop me a line. Be glad to chat with you about it.

Best Wishes To All,



Flea Market Merchandise To Resale On Amazon


Razor1 225x300 Flea Market Merchandise To Resale On Amazon


Just a quick update to show a couple of flea market finds from last Saturday.

The item on the left are replacement  razor blades that fit a little car. The car then glides over someone who is bald to give them a clean haircut. I had no idea about these until I scanned it. The cars weren't profitable so I just bought the replacement blades.

I paid a dollar a piece and I got 14. They retail for about $15. After fees and cost of item I probably will net about $9 each. So that was a quick $126 profit.

Next I got 4 of the towel holders for $2 each. They will sell for a little over $20 each. After fees and cost of item I will net probably $12 each so another $48 profit.

I forget what the rank for the towel holder was but I know it had to be good or I wouldn't have bought it. The razor blades are ranked at 5K so they will sell very fast and there were only 2 or 3 other FBA sellers.

What I like to stress here is how easy it is to make a hundred dollars. Would four hundred dollars a month make a difference in your life? You can make much, much more than that but I just wanted to show again what one hour, once a week on a Saturday morning can mean to someones bottom line.

I have a book titled "Flea Market Gold" on Amazon that explains how I have been doing  just what I showed above for over 4 years now. CLICK HERE  to check it out.

The flea market was my main business for over twenty years and I still leverage it in a couple of different ways. This is one of the ways I use it to make money on Amazon. I source products from a lot of  different places but week end and week out the flea market is a great fishing hole.

Take Care,





How Easy Is It To Make $100 Dollars an Hour At the Flea Markets?

I go to the flea market every Saturday morning. I get there about 7 am and by 8-8:30 I make one to five hundred dollars.

The good times are between October and April when the northerners are here and selling their goods. They usually leave in April and things aren't quiet as lively in the summer with the heat.

However, I will show you what I bought this past Saturday to put a few shekels in my pocket.


Blog picflea 225x300 How Easy Is It To Make $100 Dollars an Hour At the Flea Markets?


With what I do I only need to scan the barcode to decide if I want to buy this item to resale on Amazon or Ebay. The 3 items I am showing you today will all be sold on Amazon. First ups is Skylanders Giants Crusher. Now I have no idea what this is about nor do I care except to see if there is a profit here.

I picked this up for $3.00. It has a sales rank of 794 with 1 being the best possible number there is. These things are flying off the shelf at Amazon. I will sell it for $25 with no problem and after fees will net about $18.00. Subtract the $3.00 I paid and I profit $15.00. Pretty good ROI isn't it?




Next I ran across some Depends. Now these have a rank of 65K. Not the Blogpicflea2 300x225 How Easy Is It To Make $100 Dollars an Hour At the Flea Markets?greatest sales rank but they will sell without a doubt. The vendor was asking $7.00 but I politely asked if I took as many as possible that were in good condition would he take $5.oo and he agreed. Unfortunately for me he only had 4 in good condition. The rest were torn or stained.

So I got 4 for $20.00. They sell for $30.81 each so figure $120.00 and after fees I will net $72.00. Subtract the $20.00 I paid  and I make about $50.00. So now I have made about $65.00 with just 2 items.




Blogpicflea3 225x300 How Easy Is It To Make $100 Dollars an Hour At the Flea Markets?Last thing I will show you is baby formula. Similac in the tubs. I bought 6 of these. The dealer was asking for $10.00 a tub. I politely asked if I took them all would she give me a better price? She said she would take $50.00 to which I replied "I was hoping for $45.00." She offered to split the difference so I gladly paid $47.50. I will sell them in a six pack for $149.97 with a sales rank of 680. This will sell probably before it hits the shelves. After fees the net is $118. Now subtract the $47.50 I paid and I get about a $70.00 profit.


So there you have it. $135.00 profit with just three items in way less than an hour. I went on to buy about four other items and added another hundred profit for the morning. This is one of my easiest money making streams. Not my best by any means but still makes me thousands a month with very little time involved.


I hope you are adding income streams to your business. If I can be of help just let me know.


Wayne O. Stanila
Flea Market Secrets Exposed
Flea Market Gold






Week-End Finds For Resale

blogpic5272014 300x225 Week End Finds For Resale

Just an update on my finds last Saturday.

I found quiet a few items with a real good ROI.

I have the items boxed up and ready for UPS to pick up.

Sorry the picture isn't better but will tell you about 2 of the items in the pic.

The long pink box is some sort of Barbie makeup kit. Retails for around $35 and I got it for $2.

See the other box in the right hand corner? Its a hair color for men with gray hair. You comb out as much or little as you want. I bought it for $2 and it sells for over $40.

So there are just two items that will bring me some really good profits. I got a lot more items than this but like to share a couple of finds so you can see what is selling.



P. S. I plan to post some more items from this week over HERE .




Finding Merchandise To Resale On Amazon

fleamarketoils1 300x225 Finding Merchandise To Resale On Amazon


One of my favorite places to find items to resale on amazon is the flea market ( no secret right ) and last weekend was no different. One of the reasons I like scouting merchandise at the markets is because you will find deals with multiple items.

Here is a good find I recently ran across. I have had a lot of luck with vitamins and oils. This past weekend I found 36 bottles of AstroGlide and 2 bottles of Synergy. The vendor was asking $1.50 a bottle and I asked him him if he would take $50 for all of them and he agreed.

Now the Astroglide is selling for over $10 a bottle with a terrific sales rank of 223 which means they are pretty much flying out the window. I will net about $5  a bottle on the Astroglide. The Synergy is selling for $15 a bottle with a rank of 200 K so they will take longer to sell but I will sell them for $11 a bottle and move them quickly.

So this one buy will make me around two hundred dollars. That's the kind of deal I like. Not running from store to store scanning and getting one or two of something. That is another reason I am going into buying wholesale. I want to ramp things up on Amazon this year. Even though it isn't my main income stream maybe it could become my main one or get close anyway.

Wholesale is fascinating to me. The margins are smaller but you can make up for that in volume. You also can judge your sales after you get a track record and you don't have to worry about constantly being on the hunt for new product even though it is pretty much everywhere.

So I will write about my journey into the wholesale world and see how it goes, good, bad and the ugly.

Until Next Time,













































Flea Market Finds To Resale On Amazon

vities 300x225 Flea Market Finds To Resale On Amazon


Ok, wanted to show some of my flea market finds for resale from last weekend.

These are some vitamins that I paid $2.50 a bottle. They have a 11 k sales rank which is real good. They will sale for $10.25 each and after fees and what I paid I will clear about $4.00 a bottle.  I bought 8 as that was all the vendor had with long expiration dates. So I make $30 bucks. Should sell quick with that sales rank






waynesblog 225x300 Flea Market Finds To Resale On Amazon


Next is a scrubbing bubble automatic shower cleaner. I picked it up for $5.00. Now Amazon is selling it for $17 so I will sit back and wait for them to sell out. Shouldn't take long as the sales rank is 3 k in personal and health category. I will price mine at $25 if I am the only FBA seller and should make  about $10/ 200% ROI.









Here is a new game. I think there are 6 games inside. Not sure how much my assistant priced it but will find out and update post.

waynesblog2 300x225 Flea Market Finds To Resale On Amazon


So those are just a few items to give you some ideas for things to resale on Amazon.

The thing I like about sourcing at the flea markets is most of the time what you find won't have a lot of competition.







Flea Market Gold  Ma Cover for Kindle 199x300 Flea Market Finds To Resale On Amazon

Had a new cover made for "Flea Market Gold".  If you don't have a copy yet and want to read about how I go about sourcing products at the flea market  just click on the book.

All right everybody,  have a great weekend.....



Flea Market Finds For Resale

fleamarketpics 300x225 Flea Market Finds For Resale

Here are a couple of flea market finds I got on Saturday.

I had no idea what they were when I scanned them but turns out they are decals for bikes and motorcycles.

I got these for a $1 each. They sell for $27 each and there are no FBA sellers so I will up the price to $29. These are the kind of returns you can find sourcing products to resale on Amazon at the flea markets.

fleamarketpic2 300x225 Flea Market Finds For Resale

The duracell package is some type of iphone cable. Again I don't have a clue but its not important. What is important is I bought it for $2 and i can sell it for $20.

Next is a Dr. Scholls product. I have had a lot of luck with these type of products. There are no FBA sellers for this one so I can price it at $9.97. It only cost me a dollar.

Being the only FBA seller is a huge advantage when it comes to selling on Amazon.

So there are just three examples of items that will retail for about $88 and only cost me $5. I picked several more things but just wanted to show you what you can do at the flea markets.

I hope you will get out there and scoop up some deals to resale for yourself.

Until Next Time,

Wayne Stanila





Flea Market Gold

fleamarketdgoldjpg 187x300 Flea Market Gold


Ok, the new book "Flea Market Gold" is available. You can get it here:


It is all about how I source products at the flea market and resale them on Amazon.

As I talk about in the book Christmas sales on Amazon is a wild ride. Items fly off the shelves like nothing I have ever seen before. Also the price doesn't seem to matter to the shoppers.

I love selling on Amazon all year long. If you want to find out how to make money by going to the flea markets without setting up or selling anything then this book is for you.

Its just one way I leverage the flea market. Inside the book I talk about how you can find out another way I leverage the flea market with six figure sales each year for the past four years.

At $8.97 it is a steal...



Flea Market Money

fleamarketdgoldjpg 187x300 Flea Market Money

Every Saturday I get up early and head out to my local flea market.

For 24 years I would go out every Saturday and Sunday and set up. Now I don't have to set up or sale anything.

I am able to pull thousands out of the market every month. Usually it  only takes me about an hour and a half to work this system on Saturdays.

My new book Flea Market Gold will show you exactly how I have been doing it for 2 1/2 years.

I plan to release it the latter part of this week or first part of next week. It will be on Amazon. The price? A whopping $8.97.

You can go to wayneostanila.com and read posts where I show examples.



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Flea Market Business The Easy Way

fleaphotozzz 224x300 Flea Market Business The Easy Way

Flea Market Business:

Do you want to start a flea market business? How about using the flea markets as a source for finding profitable items to resale on line?

After selling at the flea markets for 24 years learning how to leverage the flea market has come about in several different ways.

Heading out every Saturday and finding things at flea market to sell on Amazon and Ebay has become a ritual.

It's like walking around finding five, ten, twenty and fifty dollar bills. Sometimes you even find hundreds.

Here are a few items I found this past week end at the market.

First up is a Pedi Paws. Sold several of these in the past and the price is coming down a little bit. Used to get around $15 for it  but will sell it for $10.97. Only paid a dollar for it so several hundred percent ROI.

Next is a ceramic cup mug. Titled 'Cup of Friendship' paid $2 for and it will sell for $25.00. Right now there are no FBA sellers so can probably get $29.97. When there are no FBA sellers you have a huge advantage in getting a quick sale and a higher price than a regular merchant.

Last one is a new dvd, bought for a dollar. Title is 'Johnson County War'. There are regular merchant sellers who are selling this for $35.00 and FBA sellers who have it listed for $52.00.

Will gladly sell mine for $39.97 and it should sell fast as the sales rank is only 16K.

OK, lets add it up. My spend was $4.oo. My retail sales will be around $80.00. So how is that for a nice return on investment with just three things? This happens every week end and there are a lot more than just three items bought for my business.

So you see this is a very easy and low cost way to start a flea market business. All you need is a way to find out how to pick the right things to resale to make hundreds of dollars.

This isn't theory, I do this every week. Sourcing products for resale at a lot of different places. I like to call them fishing holes.

Just updating my finds for now.

If you are thinking about starting a flea market business or online business this is a great opportunity.

Have a great week.

Until next Time,

Wayne Stanila